Lease APU

Lease APU services for airlines around the world.
Check our availability solutions below. 

EPCOR has seven types of Lease APUs available for both short-term and long-term leasing.

Your don’t have to halt your operation when you have an serviceable APU. You can continue flying with an EPCOR APU. In addition to our own Lease APUs, we have cooperation agreements with our partners to ensure full availability of APUs for our clients. We have a variety of serviceable Lease APUs on hand at several locations around the world.



for Airbus A320 CEO and NEO family

9 APUs ready for lease

331-350 APU


for Boeing 737NG and MAX

2 APUs ready for lease



for Airbus A330 (NEO) and A340

1 APU ready for lease

GTCP331-500 APU


for Boeing 777

4 APUs ready for lease


for Embraer ERJ-series

1 APU ready for lease



for Airbus A320 CEO an NEO family

2 APUs ready for lease


for Boeing B787

3 APUs ready for lease

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Contact your Sales Manager for availability:

Rishi Soekhoe

Technical Sales Manager
Middle East Africa


Worrapong Trepralum

Technical Sales Manager
Customer Support Asia


Ruud Kessels

Technical Sales Manager
Asia Pacific


Sander Lubbers

Technical Sales Manager
Europe & Americas