GTCP 131-9C APU Service

EPCORs latest APU capability:
 Honeywell GTCP131-9C
The sole APU for Airbus A220 operators.  

About this APU

Honeywell GTCP131-9C by EPCOR

The Honeywell GTCP131-9C APU is used on Airbus A220 aircraft, manufactured by Airbus, and offered in two variants; the -100 and the -300. The GTCP131-9C APU is the only APU certified for use on this aircraft. The GTCP131-9C is derived from Honeywell’s 131-9 model.
It combines 
maximum performance while reducing fuel burn.
Unique components include the ECU, Low-E Combustion system, Accessory Gearbox, and wiring harness. 

Whether you are planning a Single Shop Visit or looking for Long Term Solutions. We provide best in class and cost efficient APU solutions with global service coverage. 



Our GTCP131-9C APU services

From 2021, Airbus A220 operators can service their APU in EPCORs state of the art facility in Amsterdam. EPCOR holds a global Honeywell GTCP 131-9C License. 
Customers can choose from a variety of APU solutions based on Time & Material , Power By Hour or Fixed Fee. 


EPCOR recently added this APU to its capabilities. We welcome Air France as our launching customer with a fleet of 60 Airbus A220.

EPCORs experience with
GTCP131-9 series APUs goes way back and meanwhile over 700 of these APUs saw
the inside of our APU lines and test cells.

The GTCP131-9C APU can be monitored in
our predictive fleet management program; Prognos for APU. This results in fewer unscheduled removals and more control of your fleet.

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Honeywell GTCP131-9C APU Predictive maintenance solutions

This APU is equipped with the latest Aircraft data systems.  Each cycle it generates an advanced performance report with a variety of data. Prognos for APU, our state of the art fleet management platform uses this data to predict when your APU is about to fail. Result, less unscheduled removals and the best time on wing performance. 

Data alone is not sufficient, our APU engineers are constantly monitoring the APU performance and turbine efficiency of about 1000 aircraft. How we do? Check out this video.