331-500 APU

This powerful Honeywell GTCP 331-500 APU is used in the Boeing 777

Our 331-500 APU solutions

Whether you are planning a Single Shop Visit or looking for Long Term APU service solutions. We provide best in class APU services. 

GTCP331-500 APU

OUR 331-500 Customers

EPCOR is a warranty licensed repair station for Honeywell 331-500 APU
Over the years more hundreds of them passed through our shop.
It is an engine which makes our technicians heart beat faster! 

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APU Predictive maintenance solutions

331-500 APU is a very intelligent engine. Each cycle it generates an advanced performance data report. Prognos for APU, our state of the art fleet management platform uses these data sets to predicts when your APU is about to fail.

Data alone is not sufficient, our APU engineers are constantly monitoring the APU performance of about 1000 aircraft. How we do? Check out this video.

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