331-350 APU

With over 1500 aircraft flying around this reliable APU has seen all major airfields in the world.
In our EPCOR facility, this APU is a frequent visitor.
EPCOR holds the Sole Honeywell license for 331-350 APU service, repair, and overhaul. The big advantage for our customers; a stable supply of new OEM parts, availability solutions, flexible work scope, short TAT and a longer time on wing. 

Whether you are planning a Single Shop Visit or looking for Long Term Solutions.
We provide best-in-class APU services. 

EPCOR is Honeywell licensed Channel Partner resulting in the most cost-effective way to repair your Honeywell 331-350 APU.
As sole licensed shop we receive the best pricing on parts and have access to special programs to keep your APU maintenance costs to a minimum.

Moreover, you can rest assured in knowing that all parts installed on your APU are Honeywell certified parts, that meet the original design intent. Our certified maintenance technicians receive the latest training provided by Honeywell. You can have peace of mind in knowing that we are servicing your APU with high quality certified parts and you will have access to long-term OEM support and warranties.

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Our 331-350 APU solutions

Since 2007, over 400 Honeywell 331-350 APUs went through the shop.
We monitor the engine performance of an increasing amount of 1000 APUs constantly in our advance fleet management system. 
Over a hundred of them are 331-350 APUs. The knowledge gained throughout the years results in the longest time on wing performance, the best quality repairs and extensive knowledge on repair capabilities for this and other APUs.

331-350 APU

Our 331-350 APU service


EPCOR is a warranty licensed repair station for Honeywell 331-350 APU. As part of Air France KLM, operating about 30 Airbus A330s, we know all about this powerfull engine. Throughout the years hundreds of these APUs visited our shop. 

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331-350 APU Predictive maintenance solutions

The Honeywell 331-350 is able to generate data reports for engine health performance. Adding Prognos for APU, our fleet management software, enables you to predict when critical parts are about to fail. Therefore it secures a reliable operation while reducing costs of expensive part repair. 

Data alone is not sufficient, our APU engineers are constantly monitoring the APU performance of about 1000 aircraft. How we do? Check out this video.

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