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Prognos for APU predicts when your APU is about to fail, so you can take action:

Reduce unscheduled APU downtime
 increase operational reliability 
reduce cost.

1200+ APUs monitored, 24/7, world wide

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Proven APU cost savings with Prognos for APU

GTCP131-9B Bleed Flow issue

''Prognos for APU indicated a higher oil temperature for this customer's GTCP131-9B APU. This could indicate a small leak in the bleed duct, resulting in the warm up the APU compartment. Cooling the oil using the air/oil cooler is more difficult with "warm" air. During on-wing troubleshooting a gap between the compressor discharge duct and the scroll housing. There is also a crack on the scroll housing exit web area.' We were just in time preventing significant repair costs for the customer'
Ruud Jansen APU Engineer
Ruud Jansen
APU Engineer

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1000+ aircraft monitored

Closely monitoring the performance of a growing number of APUs
24/7 worldwide.
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