Platform for predictive maintenance professionals 

Predictive maintenance Platform for Operators

With the modernization of your fleet, engines and components are getting more and more data driven. 

As part of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance, we know what Airlines value most; we don’t like surprises either.  

Prognos for APU helps to predict when your APU is about to fail.
Enabling our customers to predict when a line maintenance inspection is needed before critical parts fail.

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950+ aircraft currently monitored

Closely monitoring the performance of a growing number of APUs
24/7 worldwide.
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Meet our predictive maintenance specialists

Rishi Soekhoe

Technical Sales Manager

Casper Klerk

APU shop engineer
Data analyst

Kaj Rook

Predictive Maintenance Specialist

Niels van Hofwegen

Predictive Maintenance Specialist